etruscans discussion 1

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Post answers to the following:

  1. After watching the Did You Know video in the ARTmap, do you recall an exciting discovery of your own? It could be a simple as a nickel on the ground or as extravagant as a treasure-laden ship! Also, do you find the anecdote of the 2015 Etruscan discovery enhances the find? Please explain.
  2. Respond to at least one classmate’s post by offering additional details or ideas, a different perspective, or links to interesting, relevant articles or websites. Conclude with a question or new idea to further stimulate the discussion.

classmate’s response ( When I was in middle school, I visited my aunt who, at the time, lived in Richmond, Virginia. She lived in a beautiful log cabin, surrounded by land and trees, and only had one neighbor who lived nearby. Her neighbor collected artifacts from the Civil War, and many of the artifacts he had found came from the land surrounding their homes. He was so kind to allow my brother and me to use his metal detectors and other technology to search for artifacts in the woods surrounding his house. I remember how excited I was when I heard the beeping of the metal detector and began digging. I found this weird contraption I had never seen before. My aunt’s neighbor informed me that I had found a bullet mold from the Civil War. Honestly, he was so jealous that I had found it and really wanted to add it to his collection. However, he let me take it home, along with a bullet and hammer head we found as well, and I still have it in my room to this day. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done, and it sparked an interest in me for history and learning more about the Civil War. Regarding the anecdote of the 2015 Etruscan discovery, I believe that it does enhance the find.)

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