the ways we lie by stephanie ericsson

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I have to write a Rhetorical Response Essay on the story “The Ways We Lie” by Stephanie Ericsson. NO Plagiarism!

3 paragraphs(rhetorical precis , Personal response, Analytical paragraph), 5 sentences in each paragraph, If you go over the limit in the third paragraph that’s okay!

– Write a rhetorical précis in your own words with no words borrowed from the text.*

a.Sentence 1: Name of author, genre, and title of work, date in parentheses; a rhetorically active verb (such as ‘claims’, ‘argues’, ‘asserts’, ‘defines’, ‘explores’, or ‘suggests’; and a ‘that’ clause containing the major assertion, main idea, or thesis statement in the work.

b. Sentence 2: An explanation of how the author develops and supports the thesis (i.e., evidence), usually in chronological order.

c.Sentence 3: A statement of the author’s apparent purpose, followed by an “in order to” phrase.

d.Sentence 4: A description of the intended audience and/or the relationship the author establishes with the audience.

-2. Write your response to the text. Are you confused? Annoyed? Delighted? Tickled? Do you agree?

-3.Write an analytical paragraph about the text in which you pose an interpretive question about the text and answer it. These should focus on how the text demonstrates the author’s awareness of purpose, the text’s organization, development, style, or format. Thus, use plenty of examples from the text, citing as appropriate. (Use a question from the book if you need an idea).

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