1 what are some shortcomings of re entry programs 2 what are some possible ways to re entry program shortcomings 3 what impact does parental incarceration have on children 4 what barriers can families help returning prisoners overcome 5 how doe

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After reading Chapters 5 through 11 in Jeremy Travis’ book But They All Come Back, provide your reflections on the reading. Below are some questions to get you thinking about the readings. Please do not answer all of these questions, instead chose several that you find interesting and to which you can provide a thorough answer. It is better to answer one question thoroughly than to provide limited detail on all questions.

1. What are some shortcomings of re-entry programs?

2. What are some possible ways to re-entry program shortcomings?

3. What impact does parental incarceration have on children?

4. What barriers can families help returning prisoners overcome?

5. How does employers’ willingness to hire returning prisoners impact re-entry success?

6. What are some ways to improve health outcomes for prisoners returning to the community?

7. What are some of the liberties taken away from returning prisoners? How does this affect re-entry?

Please remember your original post must be 500 words in length. You must also reply to at least one classmate, and the reply must be at least 250 words. If you have trouble with posting replies, I encourage you to review the “Socratic Methods” PDF. It provides great strategies to spur discussion.

Be kind and courteous in your replies. Make sure you use your readings to inform your answers. If you include any statistics or research that come from outside of the book, you must reference them.

The book used is Travis, J. But They All Come Back: Facing the Challenges of Prisoner Reentry

However, it is way too many pages to tag with this post so I’m sure other sources you find will be great and maybe something on the internet can help you with sourcing the above book!


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