methods for reducing resistance to change in the workplace and the benefits of onboarding

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10 page report/proposal on reducing resistance to change in the workplace, and the benefits of coaching and development (including onboarding and training programs). Include visuals such as charts or pie graphs please use at least 4 scholarly resources include a reference page and table of contents. I have attached a very rough draft and a completed ppt for your reference.Please include the following resources in the report.

Duverge, G. (2015). Top Down vs Bottom up Management Styles. Touro University Worldwide. Retrieved February 4, 2017.

Katz, S. (2015, September 28). The Why and How of Setting Employee Expectations. Retrieved February 24, 2019, from…

Piderit, S. K. (2000). Rethinking Resistance and Recognizing Ambivalence: A Multidimensional View of Attitudes Toward an Organizational Change. Academy of Management Review,25(4), 783-794. doi:10.5465/amr.2000.3707722

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