narrowing the research proposal and annotated bibliography

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Research topic name : Parenting style in African Americans

I have written a research proposal which needed to be narrowed according to professor comments (given below):

You are moving in a good direction, but I still think this is too much for such a short paper. Work on narrowing it as you research to focus in more. It is better to go into greater depth than to shallowly cover too much. For example, it may be better to just focus on African Americans instead of trying to compare or you may want to focus either on positive outcomes or juvenile delinquency. Think about this as you read. Feel free to resubmit for further feedback. Also, check your APA style and do not include dissertations in your references.

This should be done within next 12-22 hours.

Check if all the articles work for you (in the attached proposal). you can add few more articles or remove some (by adding another as per research requirement.)

also this reference has to be removed from my research proposal : McMurtry, Sarah Lynette, “Parenting Style Differences in Black American and White American Young Adults” (2013). Dissertations. 194.

Once you have finish above job, you need to write an annotated bibliography:

Students will complete an annotated bibliography including 10 peer reviewed articles. Each entry should be at least five sentences that include a summary of the article (at least three sentences), your evaluation–positives and negatives–of the article (at least one sentence), and how it will be used in your paper (at least one sentence). The use in the paper is very important as it will let me know if you are on the right track for your research paper. If a peer reviewed article will not be useful in your paper, you should not include it in your annotated bibliography.

For annotated bibliography – 1 week time. (please note again: we have to narrow the research proposal asap !)

Please sentences are mere a requirement and summary, evaluation and how it will used in the research should be written in details and should be meaningful.

Future requirement: (will make another assignment post) after one week to write the complete research paper. so write the bibliography keeping this in mind so you will not have hard time writing research paper.

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