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With the arrival of 2011, the earliest members of the Baby Boomer Generation have begun turning sixty-five years old, and there is a whole bunch of them- 78 million people born between 1946 and 1964. The Social Security system is about to start paying out in a way the system has never experienced.

The “average” baby boomer looks in the mirror and does not see an old person. But… it does not mean that their body understands that! So… 78 million people with money, a different attitude than their parents had about aging means something to companies who want to make a profit.

This is a generation that believes that they can change the world and will redefine what it means to “age”.

The over fifty age group emerged as having significant disposable income and market power with very specific needs, values, and behaviors. But the recession certainly hasn’t been easy on the boomers. For many the idea of early retirement is a faded dream.

In a four (4) page paper, you are to describe a typical baby boomer.

  • Who are they?
  • What do they want in clothing- especially women?
  • What products are they going to want?
  • What products will they need?
  • Where do you think they will spend their money?

Pick two companies (of course- surf the internet) and tell me how the companies are attempting to capitalize on this population shift.

Any questions just ask.

1.5 spacing and 11pt font


You need turn in on the Turnitin evaluation.


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