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Watch this TED talk video by Beau Lotto, (2009). Optical Illusions show who we see. (16m20s) where the author explains how perceptions and experiences impact how one views the world. Beau Lotto’s color games challenge one’s vision and spotlight what can not normally be seen: how the brain works, and the important role perception plays in what one “sees.” Perceptions certainly may not reflect reality.


In a 500-600 word double-spaced essay address the following questions:

  • There is a famous saying “perception is reality.” What does this mean to you?
  • How might our perceptions differ from those of someone with a different cultural background or perspective?
  • Would different perceptions resulting from different prior experiences be a result of bottom-up processing, or a result of top-down processing? Explain why you chose the process that you did.
  • How would acknowledging how people form perceptions and understand how inaccurate they can be, be useful in your future career?

You are not required to use sources, but if you do reference any research, you should cite your sources. Your assignment will be graded based on the Written Assignment Rubric.

Link to video

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