research paper 1013

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The assignment will have a few steps:

  1. Decide which research methodology you like the best – focus on that one for this assignment. So – if you enjoyed doing research using newspapers – find the ones that will help this week. If you enjoyed going to the library – go back. If you like primary source material – check out the online archives linked in the module. In short – use reliable and interesting material – DO NOT GOOGLE your research.
  2. Choose one of the texts ((in the reading materials assigned this week – see first sentence of prompt) and tell us what is most significant about it – there is no wrong or right answer – the significance of the text is entirely yours to explore, judge and explain
  3. Based on the text you read and the topic you are researching (family or free topic), connect the significance of the text to your topic.

Grammar & style rules:

  • write at least 400 words, but PLEASE break up your thoughts into paragraphs!
  • do not state your feelings, state the facts and the analysis, for ex: don’t say “I feel as though the revolution was important”; say “The revolution was important because….”
  • remember to cite in the text (using footnote or parentheses)

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