write a 4 5 page double spaced paper to demonstrate your critical reflection on the concepts

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Consider stress, coping, and health.

  • Write a 4-5 page, double-spaced paper to demonstrate your critical reflection on the concepts, theories, arguments, and/or conclusions presented in the readings and class for this topic.
  • Your reflections/analysis should be sufficiently specific to demonstrate that you have carefully read the material. While you should review the key concepts, your paper should NOT be simply a summary of the readings -instead, it should include your reaction to the readings.
  • Think about what you agreed and/or disagreed with. Think about questions that were left unresolved.
  • In addition, excellent papers are those in which ideas from the new readings are integrated with previous readings, class discussions, and personal experiences.
  • Use your best critical thinking skills! Students should express their thoughts and ideas, and develop coherent and well-drawn-out arguments or statements.


  • Read pages 365-403, 405-438, and 5690603 in Myers, D. G. (2016). Exploring psychology (10th ed.). USA: Macmillan (either available version)
  • Watch: Intelecom. (2006). Inside out – emotion [Video file]. Films on Demand. LAP 100 Module 6. (28:41)
  • Watch: CrashCourse. (2014, August 45). Psychological disorders: Crash Course psychology #28 [Video file]. Retrieved from (10:09)
  • Watch: Khanacademymedicine. (2014, October 24). Categories of mental disorders | behavior | MCAT | Khan Academy [Video file]. Retrieved from (16:18)

The following pages from the textbook are recommended, not required; however, you will likely find this selection enlightening:

  • Pages 527-566

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