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Readings for case studies

Case Study #1: Ms. Jones recently had a surgical mastectomy procedure for breast cancer. She discussed with her physician the possibility of reconstructive surgery. Later, she was informed by her physician’s office that her insurance company denied coverage for the procedure.

Research and report on what Ms. Jones options are under the “Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act” and what steps she would need to take to secure coverage.

Case Study #2: Mr. Roberts has worked for a large healthcare organization with healthcare insurance coverage for ten years. His department was recently downsized and Mr. Roberts lost his position. What are his options for healthcare coverage and why?

Discuss both case studies in a 2-3 page paper, using APA style formatting, not including cover sheet. At minimum use 3 outside references for this assignment less than 5 years old, and include a APA style formatted reference page.

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