group observation

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Support Group Observation:

Each student will attend agroup session including a community-based, school-related, private practice, area support group, or other appropriate counseling groups. Do not attend a 12 step group, as this will likely be an assignment in another course. No identifying information of group participants will be included in the paper. You are responsible for making contacts and arrangements to attend the group.

Have your group approved by your instructor prior to attending. Good judgment should be used in selecting which groups to attend (ex., one would need to contact the group leader and request permission to attend a meeting of a ―Suicide Survivors group, yet attending an open Weight Watchers meeting might not require as much consideration). Students may find such open groups at schools, hospitals, community centers, or agencies, as well as an online group if approved by the instructor.

Consider contacting the meeting site before arriving to ensure that the meeting is still scheduled. Also, it is important to clarify whether the meeting is “open” or “closed” before attending. Closed meetings are those that do not accept new members without prior interview.

Report on the following:

1.       Analyze the current stage of the group and what you believe would be needed in order for the group to function more effectively.

2.       Characterize the type of group session led (i.e. what issue or process occurred as the focus of the session?).

3.       Detail what group counseling theory was being applied in the group session.

4.       List or describe techniques that were employed by the group leader during the session.

5.       Identify whether the desired group outcomes occurred. Explain how the group leader’s behavior influenced these outcomes.

6.       Reflect on future directions for this group (i.e., possible next sessions).

Your final product should be a  4 page Word document using a minimum of 2 scholarly sources. Be sure you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Use the most current APA format.

Grading Criteria:

PO: 1, 3

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