Grossmont College Taxon Plants Presentation

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Assignment Compile a Photo Gallery (slideshow in Powerpoint or Google Slides) of your own photos of examples of the taxa listed below. You may have more than one example (species) of the same taxa if that is indicated (for example, you can get credit for up to 4 correctly identified Pinophytes). You do not need to have every different taxon listed, just enough for the maximium grade (total of 20).  Five points willl be for presentation–how nice does the slide show look? how diverse and creative are your examples?  

Taxon List

  • Bryophyta—1
  • Marchantiophyta–1
  • Monilophyta—up to 4
  • Lycopodiophyta–1 
  • Pinophyta—up to 4
  • Cycadophyta—up to 4
  • Ginkgophyta—1
  • Magnoliophyta/Monocot— up to 4
  • Magnoliophyta/Dicot—up to 6
  • Fungi—Basidiomycota (you are extremely unlikely to find any other groups)—1
  • Lichen—1

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