Grossmont College Persons Illness Experience Patient Interview

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Discussion: Patient Interview, Part 1: Describe Your Person’s Illness Experience 

2323 unread replies.2323 replies.

Post here once you complete your interview with a person who has/had a chronic or severe illness. 

Kindly attach your interview questions/answers.   

Then proceed to write here – overall, aim to have about 3 “meaty” paragraphs to give us a sense of what your person struggled with. 

Discussion Instructions

1) Briefly & succinctly describe your interviewee’s condition and experience with their illness. Who are they (no names please ! ) and what were the main challenges they faced ? 

Did they have to make any health habit changes to cope with their condition ?   

3) What did you learn about their condition  and its treatment ?  What did you personally notice was hard for them ? What did they cope with really well ? Did anything surprise you ?     man and a woman talking 

4) Did you notice any lifestyle improvements they might make or that they are struggling with – remembering to take medicine, changing diet, etc  ?  Based on what you have learned about habit change, what would you recommend to them to try  to aid their recovery ? 

5) What impact did the condition and its challenges have on them emotionally – were they scared, did they get down, did they find new, hidden strengths they did not know they had  ?

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