Grossmont College Addiction The Hardest Habit to Break Discussion

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Compass of Pleasure: Why  Some Things Feel So Good. 

Author David Linden joins Fresh Air’s Terry Gross, for a fascinating conversation about how substances affect the brain – why it’s easy to get hooked and hard to get off substances. This podcast will really make you think, and maybe, understand addiction in a whole new way.  35 min.

Compass of Pleasure: Why Some Things Feel So Good (Links to an external site.) 

Compass of Pleasure book cover David Liniden smiling 

Fascinating Example: 

What Vietnam Taught Us About Breaking Bad Habits

A short, fascinating podcast about how former President Richard Nixon, set policies to address the epidemic of heroin use among soldiers in  Vietnam. A great example of how both environmental manipulation and setting up the right rewards/reinforcements, negative reinforcements and punishment can help change even such a refractory habit as heroin use. 10 min

What Vietnam Taught Us About Breaking Bad Habits (Links to an external site.) 

U.S. soldiers lined up 

U. S. soldiers lined up for opiate testing to see if they can go home. 

Discussion Questions: 

What did you learn from these podcasts about why it’s so hard to overcome an “addiction” of any kind?   Did anything surprise or intrigue you?  

What do you think, given your experience in making health habit changes, as well as the “patient experience “, should be kept in mind in making treatment more effective for people who are struggling to stop misusing substances?

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