greek and roman

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Attachment #1 Directions:

There are “the five Good Emperors” and two real monsters.Looking for 2 monsters that most historians agree are the worst, and there are around 4 total. Do all 4 ‘monsters’ if possible.

At least 2 sources (no wikipedia).

Fill out the table with who and why.

Attachment #2 Directions:

Greece was interested in one thing, and Rome another.Compare & contrast the two cultures’ (not the thumbnails) general purposes/attitudes/goals in:




Use the attached table.(The thumbnails are examples, not what you are comparing.You do not need to go to the websites referenced under the thumbnail pix I used; I just didn’t want to plagiarize the images.)

Minimum of 2 resources per Greece and per Rome in each table.These are proof that you went and found what the experts/historians/etc. say about whether they think the Greek or Roman versions are better.If I tell you what I mean by that, there is no point to the assignment, so go do some research on your own.I am looking for some specific answers, but they are not hard to find.This is NOT your personal opinion, but research.

Assignment #3 Directions:

Find a table that shows Greeks’ and also Romans’:





Note if any are the same name for both civilizations.

There may be around 22 PAGES worth of these.Cut & paste from different sources if necessary, and give all sources.

At least 2 resources.

Remember to cut & paste or attach the info.Do not just give me a website url.(No wikipedia.)

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