Grand Canyon University Emotional Self Reflection

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For this Assignment, you will explore ways to self-reflect, self-develop, and self-assess. You will create a personal leadership development plan based on self-reflection and self-assessment. Applying reflections and assessments through a personal leadership development plan will help prepare you to be a strong and effective leader within your organizational culture. Please refer to the rubric for detailed information related to expectations.

To prepare for this Assignment, pay particular attention to the following Learning Resources:

The Emotional Intelligence Quiz you chose to complete in Discussion 1, or one of the following:

Cherry, K. (2016). How emotionally intelligent are you? Retrieved from 

ChopraCenter. (2017). Emotional intelligence quiz. Retrieved from

The Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley. (2017). Emotional intelligence quiz. Retrieved from

Quast, L. (2013, April 15). How to conduct a personal SWOT analysis. Forbes. Retrieved from

MindTools. (n.d.). Personal SWOT analysis. Retrieved from

To complete the Self-Reflection Assignment, compose a cohesive document that addresses the following:

In Part 1 of this Assignment, reflect upon the Emotional Intelligence Quiz you took in Discussion 1, then answer the following questions:

  • Identify which emotional intelligence quiz you completed and then describe your results.
  • Do you agree with your results? Why or why not?
  • What results did you find most surprising? Why?

In Part 2, complete a SWOT Analysis of and be sure to analyze the following in narrative form:

  • Your strengths
  • Your weaknesses
  • Your opportunities
  • Your threats
  • After reflecting on your SWOT analysis results, examine what you have learned about yourself that will enable you to be a more effective leader within an organization.

In Part 3 of this Assignment, create your own personal leadership plan (based on your reflections from Parts 1 and 2) by describing or answering the following:

  • Briefly describe your current status as a leader and then describe how your leadership potential and leadership vision can build a positive culture within the organization.
  • Based on your leadership SWOT analysis, delineate a specific and actionable plan to achieve your professional goals as they relate to helping an organization build positive culture. Include important milestones for the next 3–5 years.
  • Describe how your leadership plan and the milestones you developed supports Walden’s mission to promote positive social change.

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