Glendale Community College Module 8 Aging and Elderly Discussion

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Module Eight Learning Activity & Discussion – Aging and the Elderly

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Discussion Part One

Share two notes that you made about the poem. One from early on in your readings, and one from your final reflection.

Discussion Part Two

Share the title of the painting you chose, a link to the painting, and explain what the painting means to you as it relates to the poem, or your writing about the poem.

Discussion Part Three

Many media portrayals of the elderly reflect negative cultural attitudes toward aging. In the United States, society tends to glorify youth and associate it with beauty and sexuality. In comedies, the elderly are often associated with grumpiness or hostility. Rarely do the roles of older people convey the fullness of life experienced by seniors—as employees, lovers, or the myriad roles they have in real life. What values does this reflect?

Discussion Part Four

Think about the four aspects of aging as describe din 13.2. Write one sentence of reflection on each one.

Discussion Part Five

In 13.3, answer these questions, about the image: “Are these street signs humorous or offensive? What shared assumptions make them humorous? Or is memory loss too serious to be made fun of? (Photo courtesy of Tumbleweed/flickr)”

Discussion Part Six

We heard about Peter’s experience with ageism. Reflect on your own attitudes about aging and the elderly. Write 2-3 sentences about your reflection.

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