GGS 1004 Temasek Polytechnic Global Citizenship & Community Development Essay

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1) UNSDG and description of what’s happening in Singapore

Chosen Goal: Goal 1, Poverty

-Briefly describe what the goal is about.

-Describe in detail ONE challenge/issue related to this UNSDG in Singapore (to individual, community & industry and beyond).

-Explain 1-2 causes of this challenge/issue.

2) Sustainable solutions from foreign countries

-Search the internet and describe TWO existing sustainable solutions from foreign countries which can help address the challenge/ tackle the issue

-Explain why the solutions are sustainable by applying the concept of three pillars of sustainability

3) Call to action as a Global Citizen

-Describe in details TWO action items you plan to do to contribute to the chosen UNSDG in Singapore. For each action item, describe your inspiration (existing effort in Singapore or solutions from part 2)

-Provide a brief conclusion on your hope/aspirations with regards to this goal in Singapore

4) Supporting Pictures with relevant and appropriate captions

-Take or download THREE supporting pictures for part 1, which could feature beneficiaries, benefactors, negative and/or positive aspects of the issue, challenges, statistics, etc.

-Provide ONE picture for each solution mentioned in part 2 (TWO pictures in total)

-Provide appropriate captions for each photo

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