Gender Socialization

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Not only are people born into a specific culture, they also are socialized into specific gender roles. “Cross cultural studies of gender are concerned with both the degree to which psychological processes and behaviors are relatively invariant across cultures and how they vary systematically with cultural influences,” according to Best and Williams (Matsumoto (Ed.), 2001, p. 197). Cultures often differ in the emphasis placed on social roles assigned to males and females; appropriate gender relations based on sexual role ideologies; gender stereotypes; and the incorporation of masculinity and femininity into self-concept and self-perception. Children are socialized into these gender roles through multiple agents, such as parents, siblings, peers, teachers, religious institutions, and various forms of media.

For this Discussion, consider various socialization agents and their influence on gender role development related to behaviors, attitudes, or expectations. Use the cultures of Latin American and India along with the two socialization agents of education and media.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post a description of the socialization agents of media and education and explain how these agents influence gender role development across the cultures of Latin America and India. Then, describe two socialization agents that influenced your own gender role development as a female within the United States and explain how. Finally, explain how your gender role development might have been affected if you were raised in a different culture outside of the United States.

3-4 paragraphs. APA Format. In-Text Citation to Support Writing.

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