GCU The Bachelor of Early Childhood Education a Degree Program Essay

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1.12 slides on higher education

2. 500 words on Faculty Conference Planning Committee

Sharing resources and knowledge is an expected practice for instructors in higher education. Being able to present best practices with new faculty is key in sharing ways to increase student engagement and to discover new ways to facilitate classroom discussions.

Imagine you are part of the Faculty Conference Planning Committee for your content area at your higher education institution. You have been asked to prepare a break-out session for instructors new to your content area discussing student interaction and classroom facilitation. In a 500-750 word outline for your break-out session, explain the following:

  • At least two research-based instructional strategies for teaching adult learners in your content area.
  • At least two research-based best practices to facilitate classroom discussions in both the online and traditional higher education settings.
  • At least two research-based differentiation strategies appropriate for adult learners.
  • At least two research-based instructional methods effective for both online and traditional higher education classrooms. Explain in what circumstances each method would be appropriate in your content area.

Course outcomes and summative assessments are generally determined early in the instructional planning process and reflect what the students need to know and be able to do at the completion of a course. This instructional planning process that keeps the end in mind is called Universal Design or Backward Design.

For this assignment, begin to design a course using the “Course Design Template.” Select a content area you anticipate teaching and choose a course to develop within the content area. You will develop assessments and strategies that will be appropriate for either a traditional or an online course. You will only complete a portion of the “Course Design Template” this week and continue to add to it in future topics.

Complete only the following sections of the template this week:

  • Course title and description. (You may use a course description from the GCU Academic Catalog or from another college or university.)
  • Create three measurable learning outcomes for the course that align with the course description.
  • Create six topics of instruction and write appropriate topic titles. Ensure the topics are in a logical sequence to create flow throughout the course.
  • Create 2-3 measurable, specific learning objectives for each topic that align to the course learning outcomes.
  • Describe a summative assessment of course outcomes to be implemented near the end of your course.

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