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Read the caselet given below and answer the questions of the assignment.

Arabian Engineering Inc. is a leading contracting company which specialized in design, engineering,
project construction, fabrication, painting, and testing & maintenance activities. Having started their
journey with a fabrication facility at Rusayl, Sultanate of Oman in the year 1991, they have grown steadily
and won many accolades and appreciations. The company is deeply rooted in Oman and is committed
towards local development, quality and technology. They are fully dedicated to a culture free from
accidents and provide HSE training and quality control to its professionals & skilled workers as safety and
quality control is of utmost importance. They are accredited with relevant ISO certifications and API 6A, 6D,
16A standards & ASME U, U2, S stamps and committed to providing clients with the highest quality, most
cost-effective solutions, and creating customer relationships founded on mutual respect, professionalism,
integrity and a dedication to exceeding expectations. Today, they are recognized as a leading contracting
in the region of Oman (Note: Student should refer to website and
related company brochures for more information.)

From the above case information, please consider the following tasks (minimum of five sentences per subtopic
discussion for credit of minimum passing mark, therefore, student is expected to discuss more).

Q1. Identify and briefly discuss four(4) activities in four functional areas of the company. (40 Marks)

Q2. Identify and discuss two internal and two external recruitment processes for the company. (10marks)

Q3. Should expansion be considered by the company, please identify two internal and external.
sources of additional funds. (10 Marks )

Q4. Discuss two marketing activities of the company related to promotion. (10 Marks)


Total words count should be 2000 – 2400 words

The report should contain

1. cover page

2. table of content

3. introduction: which discloses the goal of the report, indicates objectives, explains the main
methods and data used for the research, briefly describes structure of the report

4. discussion: description of main points with proper in-text references.

5.conclusion, that reveal main findings regarding each point and challenges faced during
completing the assignment;

6. references ( Coventry Harvard Style )

7. appendices if needed (appendices are not included in the main report words count);

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