FSW 245 Miami University Identical Twins Are Monozygotic Twins Sociology Questions

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1.If Jaya (female) is trying to figure out if her innate musicality comes from her genetics or her environment, she looks to her family. Her mother is very talented musically, and her family environment typically revolves around musical events (concerts, lessons, etc). The type of environmental correlation she is experiencing is:

Females are more affected by sex-linked disorders because they have 2 X chromosomes.

Gametes are the cells used in sexual reproduction, with specific ones being the sperm and ova.

Lou (male) has the same color hair as both of his parents. Because it is likely that he received the same genes from his mother and father, he is probably _________ for that trait.

Approximately how many additional calories does a pregnant woman need to consume?

How many weeks is considered “full term” for a pregnancy?

What congenital infection causes severe brain abnormalities in the fetus?

The structure connected to the uterus that provides nourishment/oxygen from the mother to the developing embryo is called___________.


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