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Formal Report Project – Spring 2018

Pertinent Information about Your Client

Company Name: Melissa Baines Graphic Design and Photography


Location: 9957 Breckenridge Drive South, Mobile, AL, 36608 (Home-Based Business)

Melissa Baines Graphic Design and Photography (MBainesGDP) is a military spouse-owned sole proprietorship. This military spouse-owned aspect is very important to recognize for the success of the MBainesGDP, due to the complicated factors that come with moving every 3 to 4 years. With moving comes starting over at each new location. Over the years we have been successful, but we are striving to create a business that doesn’t have to grow and shrink every 4 years. This is where we need your help!

Melissa Baines Graphic Design and Photography provides graphic design, product, portrait, and landscape photography services. From 2013 to 2017, the primary revenue streams have been graphic design, portrait, and landscape photography services. The graphic design services provided have been predominantly logo and packaging design with clients from Alaska to Alabama. The portrait photography services have been predominantly regionally based Mobile families. The landscape photography has been sold nationally via website sales. In 2017 and 2018, MBainesGDP has the privilege of performing product photography for a local business, Elizabeth Renee Cosmetics, starting a new makeup line. This opportunity has identified commercial product photography as a new sector of focus for MBainesGDP. Inherently connected services to product photography are branding and catalog design; therefore, targeting companies that need these services open the door to multiple revenue streams. We hope to shift gears in our business model from regional services to forming a business that focuses on national based product photography and graphic design services as primary revenue streams. Additionally, we seek to grow our passive revenue streams of Landscape Photography sales through our website and work into a new industry of published American Travel Photography/Articles in magazines.

The primary goal of MBainesGDP is to focus on building a company that can transition from location to location with minimal loss in revenue. From 2013 to 2017 approximately 68% of revenue came from portrait and logo design services and 32% from Landscape Photography sales. In May 2017 a contract for product photography doubled annual revenue consisting of approximately 85% of 2017 annual revenues. This contract was not only a huge benefit to MBainesGDP, but the company Elizabeth Renee Cosmetics has seen increased sales and marketing effectiveness. Specifically, marketing effectiveness increased by 80%.

The idea of North American Travel Photography/Articles is to increase a constant stream of passive revenues by taking advantage of all the traveling we have done through America and Canada. We have thousands of beautiful landscape images and RV Travel stories from our family trips around North America. The primary focus is to make these assets work for us. The other benefit to this activity is putting a spotlight on the landscape photography.


1.To establish a national presence what type of portfolio should MBainesGDP create to establish credibility? In the current age, is a printed portfolio necessary or just an online gallery?


2.Please identify the different products MBainesGDP should target to grow product photography revenues and sources to enter the market as a whole? For example, Amazon

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