food culture research paper 6

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For this project, you will research a food that is common to many cultures. Topics will be chosen from the approved list below. You will present a history of the food from an anthropological/historical point of view. For a food topic, you will describe traditional uses in the cultures where it is used, including symbolic uses of the food, historical importance, and any restrictions on the use of the food. You will also discuss changing uses of the food in the modern world due to immigration and globalization. The paper will be 4-5 pages, double-spaced, in length and must include a list of at least 4 references in APA format. The references should be publications from the library, Encyclopedias, Journals, books and Magazines/Newspapers. In-paper citations should follow the same approved format (APA). originality score of 10% or less is expected, as you will be allowed to resubmit your paper.

Food Topics (Select One) :1. Wine 2. Beer 3. Rum 4. Whiskey 5. Hot Peppers 6. Rice 7. Corn 8. Cassava 9. Sugar 10. Chocolate 11. Coffee 12. Tea 13. Honey 14. Cinnamon 15. Cheese 16. Wheat 17. Bread 18. Soy 19. Fruit (choose one) 20. Tomatoes 21. Garlic 22. Butter 23. Ice cream 24. Basil 25. Thyme 26. Ketchup 27. Olive oil 28. Ginger 29. Peanuts 30. Vanilla 31. Potatoes.

Your paper should include the following information:

1. History of the food (where, when was it first used; how did its use spread; other pertinent anthropological/historical details)

2. Uses of the food in 3 different countries

a). What are indicative dishes: why is this food important in these dishes?

How is this food consumed in this country?

If a beverage: how is it made or consumed?

b). What is the symbolic importance of this food to the cultures you have chosen?

3. Current usage of the food such as consumption habits (include changes due to immigration/globalization or other, use by immigrants to US)

a). What are current health associations are there with this food? (You can compare this to any changes in its health perception over time, if applicable.)

b). Any changes in farming or production?

c). How is it being consumed differently or is the consumption the same today?


This paper is a research paper and should be written as an objective presentation of the information you have found in researching the topic.

Do not include personal opinions or preferences (write in 3rd person)

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Food Culture Research Paper Grading Rubric:

1. History of the food –Thorough, complete, and correct discussion on history. Contains in-text citations.

2. Description of traditional uses in FIRST culture (includes how served and/or produced AND symbolism) –Thorough, complete, and correct. Contains in-text citations

3. Description of traditional uses in SECOND culture (includes how served and/or produced AND symbolism) –Thorough, complete, and correct. Contains in-text citations

4. Description of traditional uses in THIRD culture (includes how served and/or produced AND symbolism) — Thorough, complete, and correct. Contains in-text citations.

5. Current usage and/or changes in use. Health associations — Complete, thorough, and correct discussion of changes. Contains in-text citations

6. References (4 references from reputable sources and a proper citations/reference list)4 Reputable References and properly formatted reference sheet.

7. Quality of writing (grammar, spelling/ syntax, topic organization) — No errors

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