Focus on a problem in a community outside your own and explore the problem and its solutions, English homework help

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Focus on a problem in a community outside your own and write a 6-7 page essay that
explores both the problem and a possible solution(s) to the problem.

Focus on a problem in a community outside your own and write a 6-7 page essay that
explores both the problem and a possible solution(s) to the problem.
A Note on Topic
Pick a community that differs from your identity in at least one significant way, whether race,
socioeconomic class, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, native language,
immigration status, body weight, disability, religion, housing status or age group, and so on.
A Note About Essay Organization
This is a problem/solution paper. Everyone’s essay should have two parts: 1) explanation of the
problem, 2) a possible solution or approach to the problem. There are several ways to organize
this essay. You can emphasize one section more than the other (problem or solution) by spending
more time on it. In other words, you don’t have to spend half the essay exploring the problem,
and half exploring the solution. Please keep in mind that this is an argument essay. Your thesis
might be presented in any of the following forms:

• Argue/define the cause(s) of the problem;

• Argue against a common misunderstanding of the problem;

• Argue that not enough is being done to address the problem;

• Argue for what you see as the best solution to the problem;

• Argue against a solution that you don’t think is working.


• You must incorporate four of your own academic sources using the online catalog of books

and article databases from GCC’s Library website. Your sources should be less than ten

years old and must include one academic journal article, one in-depth magazine or news

article and one website. The fourth source type is your choice. You may use multi-media

sources for your paper.

• Use MLA style. An annotated bibliography (in lieu of a Works Cited page) will also be due
with your final draft. It will not count towards the final page count.
• A 1-page, double-spaced, Semester Reflection, will also be due with your final draft and
should answer the following questions: 1) What challenges did you face in writing a
research paper and how did you address them? 2) What significant insights did you gain
about research and/or writing this semester? 3) What are you proud of in this paper? 4) Read
over your first two essays, and then explain how you have changed and/or what you have
learned as a writer this semester. 5) What are your goals for yourself as a writer moving on
from this class? 6) What have you learned about race, identity and discrimination this
semester? What have you learned about yourself?


Alexander Shabani

Kathleen Martin

English 101

June 3rd 2017

It has been 62 years since theSupreme Court’s historic Brown v. Board of Education decision. The Brown v. Board of Education lawsuit was in which the Supreme Court deemed that having segregation in schools is unconstitutional. In 1954, the Supreme Court understood that race should not pose a handicap on the education you receive. This however is not the case with today’s education in the United States. Even though we have determined segregation to be unconstitutional, there is still problems with children of color. In today’s society, neighborhoods with a prodimentaly black population have lower test scores, higher rates of suspension and have morecrimes committed within the school. This is a problem when we think about the court case. If it is unconstitutional to segregate schools then why are these neighborhoods doing worse than the white neighborhoods? School segregation today is not the same as it was in 1954. Today’s segregation is based off isolated schools. Isolated schools are schools in which the population is more than 75% the same race or socio-economic class. In an article written by Greg Toppo he writes, “Such schools, investigators found, offered disproportionately fewer math, science and college-prep courses and had higher rates of students who were held back in ninth grade, suspended or expelled”. In the United States, we must learn to better deal with the issue of segregation amongst schools. School Segregation is a problem today because of…

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