FIU Week 8 Motivational Interviewing Strategies in Addictions Case Study

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For the following case study, please make sure to use four different MI strategies (e.g. develop discrepancy, express empathy, OARS, amplify ambivalence, roll with resistance, support self-efficacy, etc.) to illustrate your understanding and implementation of this approach. You must demonstrate the clinical style of motivational interviewing (MI). Additionally, be mindful to integrate trauma-informed principles of engagement (e.g., trauma awareness; emphasis on safety and trustworthiness; opportunity for choice, collaboration, and connection; and/or strengths-based approaches and skills building).

Case Study Catalina

Catalina is a 42-year old Hispanic female who recently retired from the military. She received multiple evaluations as part of her retirement, from both medical and mental health providers. She has frequent nightmares and flashbacks related to combat and carries a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She has been seen in Primary Care for physical health issues. She is currently prescribed medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and lower back/joint pain. Catalina is working to improve her health through diet and exercise, though these issues conflict with her personal identity (e.g., able bodied, strong combat veteran, etc.)

In addition to retirement, Catalina is newly remarried after dating for about a year. The family home is slightly cramped as her new wife still has two teenage children living at home. The adjustments to space and finances are manageable, though Catalina disagrees with her new wife’s parenting style, as it is quite different from her two children whom are sophomores in college out of state.. The main problem at home is Catalina has increased the volume of alcohol she consumes during an average drinking session. Her wife sought professional assistance, as she was concerned about the frequency and volume of her drinking. Catalina reports drinking approximately one fifth of vodka per evening. She has entered your care, as she is seeking support however, she remains “on the fence because I believe my drinking is under control, I am retired and I have always had a high tolerance.”

Catalina’s wife has expressed a holistic approach to recovery that emphasizes spiritual, cultural, and connectedness as important in her Hispanic community and would be necessary for the intervention to succeed. She has emphasized the need for a multi-level intervention targeting individuals, families, and the community as a whole.

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