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After completing all the reading assignments for today, write a summary/response of the Carbone and Cahn article, “Marriage Markets.” Use this format:

1) A one-paragraph summary of the entire article (Minimum 5 sentences, maximum 300 words). You should simply present the author’s ideas, without your own opinion. Here is an example of a summary of another article:

In the article “Are Too Many People Going to College?” Charles Murray argues that our educational curriculum should stop forcing students down the path to a higher education. Instead, he suggests that the educational system should start implementing core knowledge in K-12 grades, so that students will have no reason to attend college. Murray feels as though students are feeling forced to go to college, and in result they are going for the wrong reasons. To Murray, the only reason for going to college should be to make money. He believes that as long as a student has obtained the core knowledge from grades K-12, then there is no reason to be in college, unless their career choice requires it.

2) A one-paragraph response. This is the place to share your opinion. Do you agree? Disagree? Or somewhere in the middle? Why? Explain yourself? Whether you agree or disagree, add any relevant information to support your ideas. Try using the TEAL model, but since you don’t have thesis yet, leave off the L. This will be a TEA paragraph.

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