find and explain five good site sources

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Using the question for inquiry, “What is Effective Communication?”, research and compile an annotated list of at least five credible sources from a variety of materials. For each, list the source/link to the source, write a short description or summary of the source’s content, and explain why it is credible based on the criteria outlined in this week’s module.


Five Sources

Document in MLA style

Brief summary of source

Explanation of Crediblity

Include at least TWO print sources, such as books or journal (these may also be online, but they must not be solely online). The research you do for this assignment should be your own, and am looking for evidence that you looked at several sources before settling on the five you choose as credible. In other words, don’t just choose five related sources, choose five good ones.

NOTE: This assignment does double duty as your research for our next module’s essay assignment! Be mindful in your choices, knowing you will use them in drafting an essay responding to the same prompt.

Questions to ask to determine site quality:




  • Can I tell who the author is? Does the site give biographical information on the author that establishes his/her authority?
  • Can I tell what organization is responsible for hosting this site? Is that organization a known authority on the subject?
  • Was this page linked to by another site that is authoritative?



Intended Audience

  • Is this page’s goal or purpose easily identifiable?
  • Is its purpose appropriate for college-level research? (Example: A satirical web site might not be appropriate to use as a source for a research paper about election issues.)
  • Is the target audience of the page easily identifiable through graphic or written cues, and is this audience appropriate for college-level research? (Example: a site targeting a high-school audience may not be appropriate for use in an academic research paper.)



Point of View

  • Does the page contain a link to websites that display multiple viewpoints?
  • Is the page’s language objective, appealing to reason rather than emotion?
  • Does the site’s URL indicate that it resides on the server of an organization that doesn’t have a specific political or philosophical agenda? (Example: if you are doing research on gun control, you may not want to use information found at


& Referral to Other


  • Does the document include a bibliography and proper citation?
  • If the author is proposing a new theory, does s/he discuss its limitations as well as its strengths?
  • Can items stated as fact be verified in other sources?
  • If the site is publicizing research or an empirical study, does it contain an explanation of the research methods used?
  • If the site is expressing a controversial theory, does it state that it is controversial?




  • Does the page include a clear copyright, publication, or “last updated” date?
  • Do all of the links on the page work?
  • Does the document refer to clearly dated information? (Example: ‘Figures are based upon the 2009 Quinnipiac Opinion Poll.’)

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