Explain strategy and model applicate to the case presented. Give strong examples

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Now that you are in charge of a significant function as the vice president (VP) of corporate organizational development that helps the organization to move in new strategic directions, you are being challenged. You have change programs in various stages of implementation at a large number of the 60 companies in your portfolio. Some of the companies are doing quite well, and others are stalling or are nonresponsive to the change initiatives that are being implemented. Several of the line managers are asking why some changes are having more success than others.

You have a feeling that there is resistance that is taking place, and you want to roll out some new concepts and ideas to help the leaders of these companies handle this resistance. A number of these same leaders have asked you for a proposal that would help them understand the phenomenon and perhaps create action plans to address these issues. Discuss the following:

  • What are the applicable models and strategies?
  • What are at least 3 specific recommended steps that can be taken in the present situation described above?
  • What would the cost of these steps be in time and money?
  • What might an action plan include that could serve as a template for future action plans?

You should have at least 2 credible sources, and your work should be done using APA formatting.

Use at least one charts

Be sure to check OV scores be at 24 %


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