evidence-based leadership and decision making : Self-efficacy

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Self-Efficacy: Believing in Achieving

Self-efficacy is based on your belief of what you can achieve in a situation. Do not directly associate self-efficacy to self-esteem, they are different and not specifically related. Self-efficacy speaks to your belief of capability.

  • How do you overcome low self-efficacy in your daily work, and build confidence in yourself and team?

Week 5-8 Reflection

  • What have you learned in LDR 3400 in the past 4 weeks (specifically in Week 5-8) that has been the most meaningful to you and your current role, (or future role)?

Each question requires 300-500 words.

Cite in all posts, preferred method is APA. In addition, please note terms utilized in the Textbooks, please include 2- 3 terms in your weekly posts


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