EU Political Knowledge among the US Citizens Discussion

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Step I: One of the main problems with the politics is people’s ignorance about the political process and knowledge of elected officials. Ask your interviewees the following questions: 1. When is Election Day? 2. Who are your US Senators? 3. Name one US Representative from your state. 4. Who is the Governor of your state and what is his or her party affiliation? 5. Who is the mayor in your city, town or township? 6. As a whole, what color is your state (red=Republican, blue=Democrat)? 7. How many electoral votes does your state have? Step II: Finally, political contests are determined by the candidates’ position on the issues. Answer the following questions for yourself: What do you believe are the three most important issues facing the United State currently? What are the general positions of the major political parties (Democrat and Republican) concerning the three issues you identified? Step III: Write up your findings in ESSAY FORM and connect your data to the textbook material. (THE REAL WORLD, 6TH EDITION)

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