ETHICS IN CBPR, political science homework help

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Ethics in CBPR


Discuss the balance of ethics when conducting community-based research, specifically when exploring a controversial public health issue, such as controlling the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Are there times when protecting an individual might harm a community—or vice versa?

Present an example of when an individual is harmed but the community is protected during CBPR. Also present an example of when a community is harmed but the individual is protected.

Response Guidelines

Read the posts from your peers and respond to at least one other learner’s post.

In your response, be sure to do the following:

  • Begin your response with constructive reflection on an idea or viewpoint expressed by the learner.
  • Provide comments that enrich the understanding of at least one potential topic, or ask a probing question to drive a deeper exploration of a topic.
  • Relate your response to specific learning or resources from this course or to an external source that you have found on the topic.
    • If you relate your response to an external source, make sure you cite it using appropriate APA format.

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