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There are 3 prompts. Each one should be a successful academic essay, from introduction to conclusion. Use the article to provide at least one quote from relevant text. Please give the outlines of each one before the essay.

  1. In the beginning of the quarter we learned about the historical roots of hip-hop/rap. Based on what we learned, what connections can you make between the historical roots and what is portrayed in the genre today? Provide examples and be prepared to use course texts to support your claims.
  2. McLeod argues that hip-hop/rap is a culture threatened by assimilation. Think of another culture that is threatened by assimilation. Compare and contrast similarities and differences between hip-hop/rap and the culture of your choice. Your claims must be supported by evidence.
  3. McLeod states, “Keepin it real and various other claims of authenticity do not appear to have a fixed or rigid meaning throughout the hip-hop community.” To help him better understand the range of meanings, McLeod developed semantic dimensions. Does this framework assist in the understanding of authenticity within the genre? If so, provide examples from our course materials to backup your claim. If not, what framework do you propose for authenticity within the genre? Provide examples that support your framework.

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