essay on social responsibility

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The objective of this assignment is to conceive and implement a creative and meaningful act of generosity and kindness that benefits others. You will then type a thoughtful and analytic essay which will describe your experience.


  • Begin by asking yourself the following: throughout my entire life, what would I consider to be one of the most generous contributions that I have unselfishly made to others? As you are conceiving an idea for this project, try to match or perhaps surpass the potential impact of this previous act. Within your paper, feel free to briefly describe your thoughts regarding this matter.
  • The following is a list of possible topics that can be addressed within the body of your paper. This is simply to generate ideas butshould not limit you to only writing about only these matters:
  • How have your own attitudes and beliefs changed because of working with diverse people?
  • What kinds of connections can you make between what you’ve learned in your classes and how this may affect your private life as a person?
  • What have you learned about yourself in this activity? How does it make you a better person?
  • How did you communicate with the people in your activity, especially if people had differing beliefs than you had?
  • In your reflection, what insights have you gained from the accomplishment of your goals?
  • In what ways did your actions demonstrate your commitment to your community?

Grading Rubric

Fulfillment of Assignment Objective (15 possible points)

Thoughtful and analytical description of project

Personal insights gained from it

Critical Thinking (20 possible points)

Identifies and interprets main points

Analyzes and evaluates evidence/rationale

Applies information to real-world issues/problems

Develops or creates an outcome that is accurate

Clearly Written Paper (10 possible points)

Well written and organized introduction

Flow of ideas and conclusion

Grammar, Spelling & Formatting (5 possible points)

Proper grammar & spelling

Proper paper format (APA)

Two full pages (not including cover page

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