essay answering the following questions

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Description: This assignment is in the form of a short essay responding to a series of questions relative to the chapters assigned in the text thus far in the course, and to the attached supplementary articles.

Requirements: You are to develop an essay answering the following questions. The essay is to be completed individually, and should be between two (2) and four (4) type-written pages, single-spaced, and include a coversheet identifying the pertinent student and course information.

  •  What is strategy?
  •  How should a start-up be organized? What are the parameters to work
  •  Does every venture require a business plan?
  •  Do start-up companies need a sound strategy more than existing
  •  What differentiates marketing messages of start-up firms from
    established firms?
  •  What can Entrepreneurs learn from Apple’s iPhone marketing
  •  Every Entrepreneur should be the first and foremost marketing and sales
    person for his/her company. Do you agree?
  • Articles : The following supplemental articles are to be used in conjunction with the course text in fulfilling this assignment:
    Baron and Hannan. (Spring 2002). “Organizational Blueprints for Success in High- Tech Start-Ups.” California Management Review.
    Bhide. Amar. (March 1994). “How Entrepreneurs Craft Strategies that Work.” Harvard Business Review.
    Bhide. Amar. (November 1996). “The Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Answer.” Harvard Business Review.
    Elsbach, Kimberly. (September 2003). “How to Pitch a Brilliant Idea.” Harvard Business Review.
    Kim and Mauborgne. (October 2004). “Blue Ocean Strategy.” Harvard Business Review.
    Onyemah, Pesquera, and Ali. (May 2013). “What Entrepreneurs Get Wrong.” Harvard Business Review.
    Porter, Michael. (November 1996). “What is Strategy?” Harvard Business Review. Zook, Chris and Allen, James. (March 2016). “Reigniting Growth.” Harvard Business

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