Equity Valuation- DCF Analysis

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i will extend it to 1 day and 12 hours

Requirement&Structure: You will be given an outline of the structure of this submission which must be followed.(see screenshots and document below) .I’m working on a data analytics project and need support to help me study.This is a Equity Valuation course, and Professor let us complete a detailed valuation of the firm using the analytical techniques taught in the course. And please give me the excel spreadsheet. Thank you

( and i will also give you the examples with same requirements , you can use it as a tool )

Format: power point format

The company is Clearwater Seafood, this is their company’s website https://www.clearwater.ca/en/

This is the website that the teacher gave us and it has the data for this company https://www.sedar.com/DisplayCompanyDocuments.do?l…


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