English English Discussion 7 Homework

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 For this discussion board, read the point/counterpoint “Apple’s Corporate Responsibility for Distracted Driving”Links to an external site. written by Katherine Mangu-Ward and Jason Mars. Choose the author whom you feel makes the more successful claim.  Then, explain—using specific quotations and examples from the article—why you believe that this author has produced the better argument.

In order to gauge the success of the opposing pieces, think back to the rhetorical triangle: 

 Does the author appeal to logos through the use of facts, statistics, logic, etc?  Are anecdotes, narrative examples, personal stories, etc. used to create pathos?  Does the author invoke ethos by appealing to the reader’s sense of right and wrong?  Also, does the author establish his/her credibility through knowledge, tone, etc?  Is there anything else about the author’s writing that is particularly effectual in helping him/her to reinforce his/her thesis?

Note: While you may include your own personal opinions on the subject of responsibility for distracted driving, your discussion response must focus on the claims of your chosen author—not your own. Also, as always, consult the discussion rubricLinks to an external site. to ensure that your response fulfills the assignment requirements. Also remember to put it in MLA format and MAXIMUM of 250 words.


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