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CONTENT (thoroughly describe each section of your newsletter.): 30 PTS.

GRAMMAR (make sure

that your newsletter is grammatically correct.):20 PTS.


understandable layout.): NEWSLETTER WITH DOCUMENT DESIGN


Directions: This assignment will require you to create a well-designed one page newsletter. Use Microsoft Publisher or its equivalent to complete this assignment. Choose a controversial topic, and create an informative newsletter. You are trying to persuade the reader, so your language must be convincing. Please view the rubric below for the specific requirements of this assignment:


ŸWill more or less privacy help or harm American society? Explain.

ŸHas the automobile helped or harmed society? Explain.

ŸDo major pharmaceutical companies help or harm the medical industry? Explain.

ŸDo social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) do more to help or harm society? Explain.


1. You need to title your newsletter.

2. You need to put a date and names on your newsletter.

3. You must cite a source in your essay with proper MLA format.

4. You must have at least two pictures somewhere in your newsletter.

5. One section needs to have a works cited page with your source.

6. One section needs to give the general gist of the topic. For example, privacy is a big issue in America now because_____________. Add a picture to this section.

7. One section needs to focus on the “pro” side of the topic.

8. One section needs to focus on the “con” side of the topic.

9. One sections needs to focus on your (the author’s) feelings about the subject.

10. One section needs to focus on the future of this topic. Will the topic still be relevant, not relevant, and why?

11. One section needs to focus on the viewpoint of another classmate or friend’s view of the subject. How does that person feel, etc.?

12. One section needs to have a four question quiz with directions. The quiz needs to focus on the information in the newsletter. The questions can be multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, or true/false. Another student will take the quiz. Create a separate answer key.

13. Be prepared to briefly describe your newsletter to the class.


35 PTS.


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