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5 to 10 cited sources

current MLA format

strictly required (major points off if you’re not citing in MLA)

•do not write a book report about Lewis Carroll or summarize the Alice books

•proofread from a hard copy (and not when you are rushed or tired)

•upload a pdf of the final version to Canvas by 11:59 pm


Why are there so many movie, television, and theatrical adaptations of the “Alice” books?

From Tim Burton to Jefferson Airplane, everybody wants to riff off of, do a version of, quote from, or in some way steal from the two Alice books. What features make them so attractive to artists today, when other books from the same time period (for example by Charles Dickens or Beatrix

Potter) have almost completely been forgotten? Wikipedia has a list of movie versions (not quite up -to-date, but reasonably complete). This is not a report on how many versions there are, but an analysis about why the books remain so compelling. Perhaps the answer is legal (“because it’s no

longer in copyright”), perhaps social (“escapism in troubled times”), or perhaps literary —what does Lewis Carroll do that other writers don’t? Other

choices exist too. Make a clear case and refute those of us who have arrived at different conclusions. MLA citations

The Works Cited page must match current MLA standards: hanging indents, full information, and no blue hyperlinks or cut -and -pasted web addresses. Write out a full entry: you can’t use EasyBib or Microsoft Word auto -formatting and expect to pass. Papers that don’t show MLA citations are a D. homework and tips • look at PowerPoints “ How to Quote,” “Welcome to MLA,” and “Writing about Movies”

•it’s okay to quote movie directors, e.g. via “extra features” of DVD or streaming versions

•via the online journal LA Review of Books , read “ Reading in a World of Wonderlands ” by Rebecca L. Walkowitz ,

https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/reading -world -wonderlands/ • via EBSCO, look up Kamilla Elliott, “Adaptation as Compendium: Tim Burton’s

Alice in Wonderland ” and “What Lies Behind Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland ” by Davis Kalat.

•Alice is maybe an accurate version of reality: look up “There Are No Laws of Physics. There’s Only the Landscape” at https://www.quantamagazine.org/there -are -no-laws-of-physics-there’s -only-the-landscape-20180604/•use italics for book and movie titles (points off if you don’t); use quotation marks for the titles of stories, articles, essays, and songs


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