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Module 3: Empathy and Generalist Practice Discussion Board (15 points):

This discussion board relates to this week’s learning objective: compare theoretical perspectives that impact generalist practice and how they connect to a client’s life. Evaluation of the empathy process and identification of key components to empathy. Explanation of social work values and ethics through application to case studies.

The purpose of this discussion board is to help you understand the basics of generalist practice in Social Work. You will practice identifying a theoretical framework that could be applied to their case studies. Additionally, you will also apply key aspects of empathy to their case and evaluate the importance of empathy. You will also identify one ethical issue that they locate in their case study and how you would handle it (think back to the NASW Code of Ethics from Module 1). You will also self rate the priority of the 6 core values of social work in reflection to their case study. You can reach learning objectives by reading the case study you are assigned and providing thoughtful response that includes critical thinking. You will be expected to apply course concepts to your client’s case.


Create a new thread and in the subject line have your name and the title.  Posts should be no less than 300 words and no more than 500 words. You need to address the following questions in your response:

1. How would you demonstrate empathy for your client? How is this different than showing sympathy to your client?  

2. Out of all the theories and frameworks discussed in Chapter 6, which one do you think would benefit your client the most? Why?

3. Do you think that your client would benefit more from group therapy, individual therapy, or both? Discuss the “why” behind your choice.

4. Discuss one ethical challenge you observed in your case study (or one you think will be a problem for you). Then discuss how you would resolve it using the NASW Code of Ethics. Additionally, rank the importance of the Social Work core values as you see them relating to your case study.

5. What is one question that you have about your case study/client and its relation to this week’s module material?

6. Please ensure that you respond to at least one peer in addition to your own post! Peer responses are expected to be a minimum of 100 words. Be sure to include critical thinking and thoughtful feedback in your response to ensure you earn the full amount of points in your post.


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