Emotional Intelligence Education Program Discussion

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please respond to theresa with 200 words

1. What guidance tool will you use?

– The guidance tool I would use is social and emotional intelligence is because it will help the children with the understanding of feelings.

2. Why did you choose this tool? (Provide support from your text with a citation)

– I choose this guidance tool because it will help them in understanding social and emotional intelligence. According to the textbook, “Emotional intelligence is understanding of feelings, both one’s own others, and ability to use this knowledge to guide thinking and decision making”(Feeney, Moravcik, & Nolte, 2019, p.202). Also according to the textbook, ” Social intelligence is the ability to understand what others are doing, thinking, and feeling and to respond to that understanding in a socially effective manner(Livergood,n.d)”(Feeney, Moravcik, & Nolte, 2019, p.202).

3. Give a detailed description of the steps you would take in using the guidance tool, including specific language you would use and how the child(ren) might respond each step of the way.

– When it comes to the social and emotional intelligence for children there are different steps that need to be taken for each child because no one is the same. Step one would be to having the child identify which emotion they are feeling at the time. Step two would be to have both involved in the situation to explain out loud how they are feeling. Step three would be to nurture the child’s self esteem. Step five would be too celebrate diversity between everyone. I think that the child or children will take well to the steps in order to help them get there social and emotional intelligence in order.

4. What short term and long term goals for guidance would you be supporting with your choice of guidance tool? (Provide support from the text, readings or videos with a citation)

– For a short term goal for emotional intelligence would be to have the child maybe journal out there feelings and emotions. Also would be to name ways people show approval and disapproval for children. According to the texbook, “Young children are just learning to handle their own feelings and to read and respond to the feelings of others”(Feeney, Moravcik, & Nolte, 2019, p.202). The long term goal for social would be to widen the span of social interactions with others. Having a postive peer interaction and self awareness for social intelligence. According to the textbook, ” Social intelligence is the ability to understand what others are doing, thinking, and feeling, and to respond to that understanding in socially effective manner”(Feeney, Moravcik, & Nolte, 2019, p.202).


Feeney, S., Moravcik, E., & Nolte, S. (2019). Who am I in the lives of children?: An introduction to early childhood education. New York, NY: Pearson Education.


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