Education Session 1 Assignment: Researching the Authors: Who Are Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, and John Hattie?

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For this week’s assignment, you will be researching (Google is great!) the three key contributors to our text. Write a letter of approximately 500 words to your facilitator including what you learned about them in terms of their professional contributions. Do you think they are credible researchers/practitioners for providing information on effective literacy practice? Do you have any concerns?

Feel free to consult other sources to formulate your ideas (the ones you find on Google or anywhere else), but be sure to cite at least three (3) references to the resources provided in this session in your response.

Follow the steps below to complete this assignment:

  1. Create a new document of your      choosing (Word, Google Docs, Open Office – anything that can be saved/exported      to PDF format).
  2. Write your letter. Make sure      that it is approximately 500 words. Make sure to reference the grading      rubric in either the syllabus or below this assignment description to      understand word requirement expectations.
  3. Save your letter as a PDF file      with the naming convention AuthorsResearch_FirstNameLastName. If your name      is Joanna Gaines, your document name would be      AuthorsResearch_JoannaGaines.
  4. Upload and submit your saved      document to the upload interface below.

Points Possible: 25

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