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 In this discussion, we focus on T. Berry Brazelton, who was, until his death in 2018 at the age of 99, a towering figure in pediatrics and child development whose significant contribution was to our understanding and appreciation of newborns. In 1973, he developed the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (NBAS), which is still widely used today. As stated on the website of the Brazelton Institute of the Boston Children’s Hospital,  Dr. Brazelton “…was a leading force behind the pediatric healthcare revolution that opened doors to parents and empowered them to become active participants in their children’s care.”  (2022)To prepare for this discussion, watch the two videos below. In the first video, Dr. Brazelton demonstrated Neonatal Assessment. The second video is an interview with Dr. Brazeton from 2017 when he shares children’s basic needs. For your initial response:

  • Discuss one thing from each of the videos that support the concept that we need to focus on the family as a unit instead of focusing on the child in isolation. 
  • Describe a new concept to you and tell how you might be able to share that information or utilize it in your work with children.

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