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There is a 750 word term paper (approximately 3 pages not including bibliography and figure(s)). You will write an analysis of an article as it pertains to microeconomic concepts covered in the course; see paper format (see below). Below are some questions to consider in your analysis:

  • What is the summary or position of the article?
  • What microeconomic concepts apply to the article and how does it explain the issue at hand?
  • Does microeconomic analysis support or refute the article’s findings?
  • What are some of the effects or impact that may not be considered based on economic analysis?


1. analyze the article

2. Determine which economic concept(s) apply to the article, e.g. supply and demand, elasticity, etc.

3. Research concept(s) using the course eBook and other sources.

4. Formulate thesis statement with 3 supporting facts from the article and your research.

5. Write the Preliminary Paper using the following paper format.

Here is the paper format:

Please follow the classic format of the five-paragraph essay. Your paper should have five sections – Introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The paper must also include at least one figure, e.g. demand and/or supply diagram and a bibliography.


The Introductory Paragraph identifies the article, author, source, and date. Provide a brief summary of the contents of the article. This introduction also includes the thesis statement with three supporting facts from the article and your research.


Three body paragraphs that support your thesis and rationale. Be sure to identify economic terms and provide definitions with references (such terms as supply, demand, shortages, rent control, externalities, competition, antitrust laws, monopoly, competition, price discrimination, etc.). Use at least one microeconomic diagram to demonstrate and/or support your argument.


The Concluding Paragraph entails a brief summary and restatement of the thesis. Do not introduce any new topics or information in your conclusion.


Cite references used on a separate bibliography page using MLA or APA format. Be sure to also cite the article chosen for economic analysis. The bibliography should include at least three sources.

Please avoid hyperbole and personification. I do not expect any personal opinions in this paper.

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