Domains of Development (7-11 year old children), Psychology Homework Help

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Thinking about the three domains of development (biosocial, cognitive, psychosocial) and school age children (7-11), list and describe three items/activities/toys etc. that would promote development in each of the domains for a school age child. That means you would list 9 items/activities/toys in total, three for each domain.

Make sure that you describe in detail how each thing will help promote development.

Here is one example:


Riding a bicycle

would promote biosocial development in school age children because it requires children to practice balance and coordination. It also helps to keep children healthy by working out their heart and lungs. Through bike riding children also build gross motor skills and stay physically fit.

Joining a soccor team

also promotes biosocial development as it contributes to gross motor and coordination between mental and muscle responses.

Eating a nutritious breakfast

leads to the ability to concentrate and nourishes brain development which continues through adolescence.

Now you do this for Cognitive and Psychosocial Domains as well.

I will send you the chapter related to this assignment. Please cite within your answer using: (Berger, pg. #). Thanks.

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