Document Discussion Response/Opinion

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Part 1: I need to response to this at least 8 to 10 Sentences.

Dear Dr. Beachley,

I found the written document “The Slave Market” by Ella Baker and Marvel Cooke very disheartening.  This article focused on the Bronx Slave Market which was black women being hired to Bronx housewives to help them maintain clean suitable livable homes.  These women were used for their ability and strength and hard work.  The article speaks of two corners of the city were black women would come as early as 8 am and stand until 1 pm hoping to be selected for work. 

It is my believe that the document was written to shed light on a growing city and what was being permitted to happen to many African American women during the great depression. Many where experiencing poverty, starvation along with discrimination, according to the article.  This need for income, opened the door for a new lower new domestic labor market and allowed the Negro women to become maids to the lower middle-class house wife. 

The question was asked, the Bronx Slave Market, “What is it, Who are its dealers, Who are its victims, what are its causes, How far does its stench spread? This was like legal slavery out in the open, during a time when all are supposed to be free.  African-American women stood on corners of the Bronx to be bought as slaves for hire, waiting for the elite women and or their spouses to purchase them for “slave wages”.  They were hired to do the necessary chores need and offered 15 cents to occasionally 30 cents per day and sometimes having to work longer than agreed. This is another view that shows life in the United States for many has been a struggle. 

To the author, in a country that was in the midst of so much change and in a growing and developing city as New York City (Bronx) why was this being allowed?

Part 2: I need to response to this at least 8 to 10 Sentences.

Dear Dr. Beachley

“Feminist–New Style” by Dorothy Dunbar Bromley, Harper’s October, 1927 was written to inform the community of the new type of feminism. This document was intended for both men and women, to shed a new light on feminism and the new generation of women involved in the movement. One of the many things Bromley stated was, “She will not, however, live for her job alone, for she considers that a woman who talks and thinks only shop has just as narrow a horizon as the housewife who talks and thinks only husband and children” This was one of the quotes that helps the reader understand why Bromley wrote the document. It is important because it demonstrated that women could have a balance throughout work and home. Another important statement Bromley made was that men saw women in only two ways; she was either a home-maker or a working woman, which is why women had to fight so hard for their freedom and equality. Bromley also stated that the new feminist likes men and appreciated the men who fought for them. I think this document was written to inform people that the meaning of feminism was forever evolving just like women’s status. This document tells us that life in the United States was advancing tremendously, however, men still knew very little about women. “Feminist–New Style” also tells us that women were finally beginning to have a voice and were able to be seen as full citizens. Although they were able to achieve many of the things they wanted to accomplish, the fight was not over and in order to continue progressing the new feminist would now have to take over. My question to Dorothy Bromley would be how do you think women could have better presented themselves during this time period?

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