Discussions questions about 4-5 paragraphs in Part 1 and 2 pages in part 2

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Part I

Drawing from the selected articles, briefly respond to the following questions,

  • Read first the selected articles before doing this assignment
  1. From your own experience, and the selected articles, are there essential differences in the ways, Minority groups (African American in particular) and, White families socialize and educate their children? Explain.
  2. Is education linked to social mobility? If yes, does the broadening of access to educational opportunities make our society more equal?
  3. If the general education level of the population increases, do you think that the distinction between rich and poor will disappear? Why? Why not?
  4. How many percentage of the population in the U.S. with regard to ethnic make-ups do you think are functionally illiterate? And how does it impact an individual’s or a group’s ability to access resources available in society?
  5. From the articles, what is the quality and value of grades and diplomas given in mainly Black or non-white educational institutions in our society today?
  6. From the articles, how segregated are the schools? And why are schools slow in closing gaps between the races?
  7. Is there racism in education in the U.S.? If yes, what are the consequences? Support your position with evidence from the articles.
  8. From the articles, New York City schools are considered the most segregated in the nation, why?
  9. Since these articles were published, have much changed from your observation and experience in our school systems, black communities in particular?

* Limit your answer to part 1 to 4- 5 paragraphs

Part II

  • Drawing from sociological perspectives covered in this class, how would you explain the articles?(Think of the following perspectives: Functionalism, Conflict, Symbolic interactionism, Rational Choice, Feminist). Which perspectives reflect best your position on the problems discussed in the articles?And, why?
  • Which strategies or solutions would you propose toward reducing if not eliminating segregation, discrimination and prejudice in our educational school systems? And, why?

* Limit your answer to part 2 to 2 pages.


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