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I believe that there is so much more that can be done by our nation to help with the prevention of each of these issues, and help with the treatment of most of the illnesses that I have listed and creating more community based programs to help aid in a better understanding of these issues.

According to ( Friis 2013), a healthy community is define as one that “embraces the belief that health is more than merely and absence of disease; a healthy community includes those elements that enable people to maintain a high quality of life productivity.” (united states department of health and human services), (USDHHS, 2001 p.1) With this being said I feel that the US isn’t doing much to help in these areas, yes technology has made it better to screen for cancer, and talking and making some diseases a topic such as HIV has made more people aware of the illness. But I believe that providing a good educational lesson on nutrition and weight, providing more education and community based programs on many issues and illnesses we face as a nation will help in the aid of cancer and many other illnesses.

According to (Friis 2013), Heart disease and stroke remain the first and fourth leading causes of death in US and cancer claims more than half a million lives in the US each year and is the nation’s second leading cause of death, so can we say the US is doing what it should in helping in the aid of knowledge and prevention? I do not think they are doing enough, yes we have came along way, but not far enough.

The goal for each of my issues stated is as follows: for cancer, to reduce the number of new cases and many other illnesses and disabilities caused by cancer, for nutrition and weight, the goal is to promote heath and reduce the chronic disease risk through the aid in providing healthful diet information. The goal for education programs increase the knowledge needed to prevent many of these illnesses. (Healthypeople.gov)

I think these topics can be addressed in more depth and details by our nation, more funds can be giving to help people lead healthy lives by providing them resources for getting the correct foods for a healthy diet, education on all of these issues and information to help prevent some the issues we face today. Leading healthy nutritional lives will help prevent some of these illnesses we face, the US spends more funds on healthcare than every other industrialized country, (O’Connor, Gutelius, Girard, Hastings, Longoria & Kohn, 2013).  But the US, still faces more illnesses than most other countries.  As a nation we really need to put more effort and care into our healthcare system, not to just make money, to actually help in the relief and prevention on many diseases and issues we face today that Is rising in numbers and not getting any better.

Friis, R. H., Bell, N. M., & Philibert, B. (2013). Community and Public Health. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. 


#2  I think the three top priorities should be adolescent health, substance abuse, and mental health and mental disorders. I have an interest in these three areas because adolescence seems to be the hardest time emotionally and mentally for any person. I also think that many times substance abuse and mental health go hand in hand. Starting at a young age parents should teach their children about drugs and the negative impact, but I believe adolescence is the most important time for a person to learn about the negative results of drug abuse and this information should come from any possible source such as school, friends, parents, and other family members. Adolescents have easier access to prescription drugs due to their own medicine cabinets and online pharmacies so in turn they believe these drugs are safer then street drugs (NIDA, 2008). These three areas should be some of our nation’s top priorities.


#3 In looking at the health topics listed, most seem to be valid topics that people need to be aware of but there are a few that stand out as being major issues. 

Obviously nutrition and weight status is an important topic that people need to be more aware of, giving them the tools to make better and more nutritious decisions. Diabetes would be the next subject that needs to be addressed, this subject goes hand in hand with nutrition, a keen understanding of both will allow for better choices. Environmental health awareness may help the public to better understand their footprint on the world that we live in.  

All of the topics listed are important topics, not all of them affect us directly but they are all part of our society. I believe that health is an aspect that we all need to work on, it is a constant battle fought every day. I have found that some complementary and alternative approaches help in that daily battle, herbal medicines, chiropractic care, massage, acupuncture and aromatherapy. All of these methods are tools that may improve, strengthen, and allow us to cope and heal throughout the journey to wellness.


#4 According to the text, the number two cause that impacts public and community health is food insecurity and unemployment. This is due to the fact that if people, or a community, has food insecurity they are lacking the proper nutrients needing in order to have optimum health. Often, people with food insecurity eat whatever is available and most times whatever is available (or affordable) is highly processed, high in fat, and high in sugar. All of which is a recipe for unhealthy eating habits. 

Quite often, communities of lower-socioeconomic status face the following: food insecurity, obesity, and hypertension. As previously mentioned, people who have food insecurity, or people who are of lower-socioeconomic status, have limited resources (such as money/transportation) to get to stores that offer nutrient dense foods. In that case, they eat foods that are highly processed, high fat, and high in sugar, all which lead to obesity and hypertension. On the other hand, communities that are of higher-socioeconomic also face obesity, hypertension, and substance abuse. However, unlike the lower-socioeconomic class, food insecurity is not the issue. I believe the issue is that unhealthy meal choices are often more convenient. When people are in a hurry it is much more convenient to get fast food, or something that is quick (but will be highly processed),  as opposed to healthier options. Which, in turns, leads to hypertension and obesity. Another issue that plagues any community, rich or poor, is mental health. Mental health is a serious issue that knows no economic class, gender, or ethnicity. However, I personally believe that people of higher socioeconomic status have better access to mental health treatment. With that being said, there is a stigma that openly admitting you have mental health issues you face losing your family, jeopardizing your career, or being deemed “crazy”. In a article published POLS Medicine, it is believed that in order to combat mental illness, and remove the negative stigmas associated with it, mental illness needs to be brought to attention on a global spectrum. This can be done by conducting small group meetings, lectures, and family advocacy avenues. 


#5   I feel that for the most part poverty is the cause of poor health. I can see in some situations where poor health can cause a person to end up in poverty due to being unable to work, provide, and having a stack of medical debt. However, those living in poverty have many factors that lead to causing poor health. Usually individuals who are living in poverty are working in jobs that do not offer healthcare and cannot afford to purchase private insurance. They are forced to pick and choose when to go to the doctor and getting to hospitals or clinics can also be challenged for those without transportation. When do deciding to get medical attention that can create additional bills. The quality of living conditions are a contributor also and poverty housing is usually located near areas with bad air quality. “The burden of air pollution is not evenly shared. Poorer people and some racial and ethnic groups are among those who often face higher exposure to pollutants and who may experience greater responses to such pollution (American Lung Association, 2013, paragraph 1). Poverty prevents being able to purchase healthy foods that are needed to better health. Sadly, someone can go into a fast food restaurant get a small meal for less than the price of a salad. Not eating the right foods can lead to health problems such as obesity or diabetes. Not making the right food choices is something affecting both poverty, middle class and wealthy communities. The difference is those with the means can make changes if needed.There are other issues as well that both community’s face. Stress is one that no matter what socioeconomic community a person lives in faces and can play a role on a person health. Next would be tobacco and alcohol use. Researches at Duck Medicine have found that children that grow up in poverty are more likely to be a smoker than wealthier kids, but are less likely to binge drink like wealthier kids are more likely to do (News-Medical, 2013). Lastly, would be sedentary lifestyles. Our textbook says, “Technological advances have made our lives increasingly sedentary: We ride escalators, drive cars, watch television, and play video games. Consequently, we have very little incentive to exercise” (Friis, R. H., Bell, N. M., & Philibert, B., 2013, section 1.6).There are a lot of jobs that exist now that are sedentary.A person sits behind a computer for hours and then goes home to unwind by watching t.v before going to bed and doing it all over again the next day. A lifestyle like this can lead to a list of health issues. A difference I see is that communities not in poverty can afford to make necessary changes to better their health if needed and have more choices for access to health care organization.


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