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Your interaction reply should be between 200–250 words. Title the subject line of interaction replies as “Reply to John Smith,” “Reply to Jane Doe,” etc. so that it will be clear who you are responding to. Also, please note that “I like what you said,” “That’s a good comment,” and “I disagree with your comment” do not count as a complete interaction reply. Rather, stating why you liked or disliked the comment, adding additional thoughts or ideas to the original comment, or providing alternative ideas/thoughts when you disagree, count as an interaction reply. Courtesy in any disagreement is expected; thus, personal attacks or calling an idea “stupid” are not acceptable and will count off in your grade.

Problem based learning or Inquiry learning is enabling students’ inquiries and interests to drive educational modules (www.learner.org). This starts with social event data through applying the human senses seeing, hearing, contacting, tasting, and noticing. The practice changes the instructor into a student, and students’ progress toward becoming educators. Inquiry teaching respects past understanding and learning. An inquiry classroom enables the student to be self-sufficient, the teacher is still responsible for imparting knowledge and facilitating the learning process (DeRosa and Abruscato, 2015). The classroom becomes a positive learning experience for all students while minimizing the appearance that special accommodations are being made for any individual student. It makes utilization of numerous methods for knowing and going up against new points of view while investigating issues, substance, and inquiries. I believe that problem/ inquiry based learning aren’t often used in classrooms because of time. Time to gain knowledge of the students, and time planning and making sure students get an adequate learning experience.

Building a classroom network with your students can make this guideline for learning effective. Maintain clear desires inside elevated expectations socially and scholastically. Start the year by laying out clear “standard procedures” with your students, making sure that your guidelines are clear and that there is no resistance for discourteous or harmful activities to others. For inquiry to be fruitful, students need to feel safe to go out on a limb, share thoughts, and trust thoughts can prompt more thoughts and inquiries, regardless of whether they are not right. Virginia Lockwood, the principal review instructor found in the video program, made a mantra she consistently shares with her students: “Your activities and your words need to coordinate your head and your heart” (www.learner.org). She recommends to address discourteous conduct in the classroom promptly without being correctional. For instance, you can stop your showing if a kid laughs at another, and remind students how the classroom should work. At the point when students are engaged with building their classroom environment, they are enabled that their thoughts count the establishment for inquiry.


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