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Post your response to the discussion question in no less than 180 words (excluding in-text citations and listed references). Use APA in-text citations and provide fully referenced sources to lend scholarly support to your comments, remarks, or positions taken in your initial discussion posts. There should be 13 separate answers. Assignment Dropbox linked to turnitin

CRM 370

Module 2

Compare and contrast how the positivist and classical schools of criminology explain juvenile delinquency. Which do you think is better at explaining delinquency and why?


Explain how both social learning theory and Merton’s five modes of adaptation attempt to explain juvenile delinquency. Which do you think does a better job at explaining juvenile crime? Why?

Module 4

What are the differences between male and female delinquency? How does the system treat girls differently than boys?

Module 5

According to the text, what are some of the reasons juveniles join gangs? What are primary and tertiary methods of gang prevention?

Module 6

What are the factors that make up both individual and social drug-abuse? How are drug abuse and juvenile delinquency related?

Module 7

List and describe the differences between the juvenile and adult justice systems. Do you see a need to reform the juvenile justice system? If so how/why? If not, defend the current system.

Module 8

Why could it be argued that delinquency doesn’t exist in many developing nations?

CRM 430

Module 2 Discussion

The textbook discusses many types of punishment for offenders. Which punishment do you think is the most effective and why? Which punishment do you think is the least effective and why? Please provide examples in your answer.

Module 3 Discussion

Discuss the importance that the state of Pennsylvania played within the correctional system. Does this influence today’s correctional system?

Module 4 Discussion

Research the evolution of prison gangs over the past twenty years. Did you notice any changes over time or are they essentially the same?

Module 5 Discussion

Describe who becomes a correctional officer and why?

Module 6 Discussion

After reviewing, the Parole Boards Release criteria provide your thoughts on the eight factors concerning the inmate. Do you believe these are sufficient and how would they fit into Saint Leo’s core values?

Module 7 Discussion

Read the Supreme Court decision in Georgia v. Furman. Do you believe the ruling has currency in today’s society? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the ruling?


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